Blog Bot Platform was a project from 2008 and is currently not active. I am interested in re-working this project in a more collaborative way, please contact me at andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com

Explorer Blogger Bot

Explorer Blogger Bot uses the combined readings of an accelerometer to measure the speed, in this case, of a wandering cat. Although it does not report actual positions, it aims to give a sense of wonderment at the adventures of the animal or object that it’s attached to, through the text based encounters generated.

explorer blogger Bot, attached to a cat.

Explorer Blogger Bot Attached to a Cat wirelessly sending back data on the cats movements.

Explorer Blogger Bots Circuit Diagram

This bot uses an accelorometer sensor circuit to cobine the readings as a motion sensor. This would wirelessly (bluetooth / wi-fi) send this back to a micorcontroller and Computer running Blog Bot Platform.