Blog Bot Platform was a project from 2008 and is currently not active. I am interested in re-working this project in a more collaborative way, please contact me at andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com


Blog Bot Platform was an open source system which I have developed for creating Different types of Blogging objects. Turning Simple experiences into online encounters. These bots 'tweet' to their experiences to micro blogging services. I am interested in how people react when they encounter these Blogjects invading their web 2.0 space.

Hobbyists would attach sensors to objects they have an interest in, to track, to monitor. These would invade web services such as Twitter where we too can encouter these object, what do we begin to belive when we encounter these text streams, the object 'voices'.

Contact :
andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com

Light Blogger Bot attahced to Printer

The Original Obejct One. Light Blogger Bot inside a user controlled environment which outputs it's thoughts via the Dot Matrix Printer.

Combined Twitter feed of Blog Bots