Blog Bot Platform was a project from 2008 and is currently not active. I am interested in re-working this project in a more collaborative way, please contact me at andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com

Storm Blogger Bot

Storm Blogger Bot is used to measure wind. Attached to the branches of trees, it measures the bend in the level of vibration from the branches and reports back the rate of these changes, allowing the viewer to see for example the intensity of a storm. It can be used as part of a network for storm monitoring bots in different locations, and as a precursor to weather warnings for a specific area.

Stormblogger Bot, attached to a tree

Storm Blogger Bot Attached to a tree branch, montoring how the branch shakes up an down in the wind.

Storm Blogger Bots Circuit Diagram

This bot uses a vibration sensor circuit to pick up how the branch is shaking.