Blog Bot Platform was a project from 2008 and is currently not active. I am interested in re-working this project in a more collaborative way, please contact me at andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com

The Platform

Blog Bot Platform is a java program I have created as Open Source.

It is an open source project I have started on Google Code, I imagine that Hobbisyts would be able to take the reference designs I have made, to create the Blog Bots and place them in the world for them, and us, to encouter.

The platform consits of a java program that takes in the sensor data, makes interpretations, and broadcasts them to Twitter (and can add other api's). The hardware componet consists of simple code required to read in the data from sensors, however the bulk of the interpretation is done with software. As the program is Java, it should be possible to strip the GUI and run as a standalone application on a microcontroller.

Very Simple GUI for debugging